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pet-odour-vancouver-1Dealing with pet odours in your home can be challenging, in this article I will explain why and help you get a good grasp on resolving the issue.

Perhaps that is also what brought you here, whether you just bought a home that has pet odour from the previous owner, a property manager having to clean up after the previous tenant’s mess, or you simply want to clean up after your own pet and make your home smell good again, well this post will help you  achieve that or attempt to at least.

First thing I should  mention is that as with many odour type issues, the severity of the situation will determine how much work and effort will be required to eradicate the smell from you home. So if your cat has gone wild through your entire house then you are likely in for quite a bit of work ahead of you.

Ok so there are 2 general approaches you can take to removing pet odours:
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