Fire Damage, Odor Issues, Property Damage


Need help dealing with smoke odour in your home? Perhaps you had a small fire in your kitchen, or some Christmas lights caught on fire and you are now left with a smokey smell inside your home.  Well that is what I aim to help you out with, addressing the main points you need to know in effectively dealing with and eliminating smoke odour.

Firstly, I should mention that every situation will be different depending on the severity of the fire damage incident, the bigger and hotter the fire the more difficult it will be in removing smoke odour as higher temperatures cause the pores of materials to open up more and thus absorbing more of the smoke odour. However, proper smoke odour removal will entail a combination of tactics including cleaning, deodorizing, and sealing of materials.

The 4 steps to removing smoke odour in your home are:

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Family Health, Odor Issues, Property Damage

pet-odour-vancouver-1Dealing with pet odours in your home can be challenging, in this article I will explain why and help you get a good grasp on resolving the issue.

Perhaps that is also what brought you here, whether you just bought a home that has pet odour from the previous owner, a property manager having to clean up after the previous tenant’s mess, or you simply want to clean up after your own pet and make your home smell good again, well this post will help you  achieve that or attempt to at least.

First thing I should  mention is that as with many odour type issues, the severity of the situation will determine how much work and effort will be required to eradicate the smell from you home. So if your cat has gone wild through your entire house then you are likely in for quite a bit of work ahead of you.

Ok so there are 2 general approaches you can take to removing pet odours:
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Fire Damage, Odor Issues, Property Damage

fire-damage-vancouver-2In this article I will be going over some of the basics you should know about fire damage restoration. The process involved will definitely differ depending on the severity and size of the fire and damage caused, as you can see in the image above this is quite severe fire damage. However the principles of fire damage restoration will for the most part be the same.

Like in most restoration projects the main goal you are trying to reach is pre-loss condition, that is you want your property to be restored back to how it was before the damages occurred; you want it to be safe, clean, free of smokey odors, and of course looking like nothing ever happened.

Now at this point we are going to assume that the fire has been put out, everybody is safe, and you are now looking at the damage caused and are wondering what to do next.

Before you start any work ensure that:

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